Canna Care Reward Points Program

Shop at Canna Care, You Earn Big & Save Big!

How it works

For every purchase, you automatically earn reward points that can be used as cash discounts on future orders. Our reward points earning and redemption can be boiled down to a 2.5% earning rewards rate for what you spend.

For every $10 you spend, you earn 25 Reward Points.

Every 100 Rewards Points you redeem during Checkout is worth $1.

As an example, if you spend $100 at Canna Care, you would earn 250 reward points.

You can then redeem those 250 rewards points on your next order for a cash value of $2.50.

For a Limited Time Only, Enjoy DOUBLE the Reward Points at Canna Care.

Earn 5% of your total order spend in reward points cash value towards your next order.

For ever $100 spent at Canna Care, you’ll earn $5.00 worth of rewards points that can be used towards your next order.